Cielo Restaurant Brand


Cielo logo on dark blue background.

Cielo perches above the McDowell Mountains. At over 2500 feet, Adero Resort restaurant in Scottsdale, Arizona, embodies its name: Cielo — meaning “sky.” Panoramic windows showcase scenic landscapes complemented by an elevated dining experience, where bold flavors and a commitment to sustainability find fresh inspiration in the spa resort’s distinct gardens: Terra, Sol and Luna.

Mountains and sky during sunset with words in script font reading The Actual View.

Inside of a restaurant.

Restaurant balcony with mountains in the background.

The resort operations team at Marriott Vacations Worldwide tasked our creative team with branding their soon-to-be renovated restaurant in Arizona.

In the first meeting with the client we talked a lot about what the experience in the restaurant could look like. We focused on what the most impactful part of this restaurant was and why it was being renamed Cielo — the view of the beautiful Arizona sky over the mountains. When working on concepts I really focused on the experience, the dessert environment, and that sky. Below are some unused concepts.

Various logo concepts and color palettes.

Three icons with text.

I also wanted to tell a story and tie it back to the resort. Drawn from the names of the gardens at the resort, the elements of Terra, Sol, and Luna (Earth, Sun, and Moon) narrate Cielo’s story. These concepts inspire curated menus and custom touches throughout the space.

Cielo logo.

Terra, Sol, and Luna weave into three distinct logos. Throughout the day, the depiction of the “o” in “Cielo” will change to display one of the three elemental icons.

Left to right: Mockup of lapel pins, server bring food to customer, and take takeout bags with logos.

Left to right: Wooden coasters, napkin with silverware, glasses on wooden table.

Bringing the outside in. From the moment a guest holds a menu, Cielo’s atmosphere comes to life. Menus foraged from recycled materials reflect a different texture for each meal of the day, and their surfaces complement concepts of Terra, Sol and Luna. Daily culinary specials are presented on seed paper, sharing Cielo’s story of sustainability. After use, these menus are repurposed to sprout herbs for garnishes.

Restaurant menu and textured paper samples.

Role: Creative Direction & Designer Client: Marriott Vacations Worldwide

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