Scratch-off Greeting Cards

Stationery Design

Two scratch-off greeting cards laying on their envelopes on an orange background.

The stationery brand, BenjaminPop!, was looking for a fun and unique greeting card that harmonizes with the style of the stationery brand; authentic, engaging, and with (of course) some added POP!

What was created was a bold and playful card inspired by the game "never have I ever" with a loving hidden message under each scratch-off area, along with notepads in the same style.

This card received "Best New Product" nomination at the 2017 National Stationery Show in New York.

Scratch-off greeting cards on coloful background.
Coloful notepads. One with phrase, Wake Up. Kick Butt. Repeat. The other with phrase, Eat, Drink, Boogie, Repeat.

Role: Designer and Illustrator
Creative Direction: Kelly Romano
Client: BenjaminPop!

Illustration of a thumbs up hand with smiley face on thumb.

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